One guy needs a chance.

The other needs a clue.


The white-washed world of Nick Kane abruptly changes as he finds himself inadvertently kidnapped in his own car by a street-smart wannabe-gangster named PJ. 

After immediately filling the entire car with stolen fruit juice, Nick and PJ spend the night selling juice to a diverse cast of hostile and threatening characters within the urban Milwaukee streets. Facing life-or-death situations and many failed attempts at escaping, Nick comes to realize that the people he is threatened by aren’t exactly the problem. The problem is his own racist view of society. 

Based on an unbelievable true story, this comedic thriller reveals the gritty truth of what it looks like to overcome poverty and injustice, as we find ourselves getting off a rollercoaster of an adventure with a heartfelt camaraderie that re-defines friendship. 

It took facing death

to truly see life.

An honest look

at the human race.

Based on the incredible

true story of Nick Kane.

As he discovers a friend

that changed his life forever.

Social Impact

This film doesn’t end on the screen. It supports non-profits dedicated to foster care and social justice. 

Nick and PJ are real people who continue to do work and share their story in the real life. 

Juiced is a movement about recognizing the injustice of society.

Supporting a lead actor who is homeless. 

Telling the story of America’s unsung heroes.

A deep look at white fragility and the black experience.

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In this test scene Thevon Fredre Brown (VonDeezy) is playing the role of PJ and Nick Kane is playing the role of himself. 

Get Juiced

This film is in development. If you are as passionate about this as we are, please get in touch with us. 

Together we can create a more unified understanding of humanity.